The revolutionary HAMES 5+ is the only product you need.

The revolutionary HAMES 5+ is the only product you need.

With its strength and combination, the HAMES 5 PLUS product stops viruses that attack our T cells, which protect the body from foreign bodies. The development of the virus is supported by the fact that it takes over these cells and they produce certain substances that the virus needs to survive. Scientists have discovered that the fruits of these plants have a degenerative effect on the virus’s communication system, reducing its replication where the virus no longer has a chance to survive and reproduce. The plant extracts of the product inhibit phosphate transfer, so there is not enough energy needed for the virus to multiply. There are various compounds in HAMES 5 PLUS product that have an anti-inflammatory effect. Dexidro andrographloride is a compound that is considered one of the best anti-inflammatory agents. This compound works by producing adrenal hormones, which are produced by the adrenal glands and which have an anti-inflammatory effect. This plant also acts as an analgesic and reduces the appearance of edema.



HAMES 5 PLUS PRODUCT contains dozens of different antioxidants. As an antioxidant, it increases the general health of the body, by eliminating free radicals in the bloodstream, skin, eyes, organs and tissues, which try to lead healthy cells to mutation.


Andrographolides found in HAMES 5 PLUS can help cure angina and pneumonia. Studies have shown a very high success rate of 91% in the treatment of lung infections and bronchitis. These herbs are also effective in tuberculosis treatment when given with traditional tuberculosis medicines such as rifampicin.


Plants “kill” malignant cells of tumors of the brain, lungs, breast, colon, liver and prostate in a large percentage. Research has shown that the combination of these two plants can be effective in the fight against colon cancer. Since this type of cancer is one of the most common, HAMES 5 PLUS can be a preventive measure against it, especially if you have a predisposition to get it.


The plant extracts of the HAMES PET PLUS product are full of dietary fiber, which means that it will enable your body to digest smoothly and move food efficiently through the intestines. It also helps with hard stools, diarrhea, cramps, bloating … Organic compounds in these plants protect the intestines from dangerous bacteria. HAMES PET PLUS IS EFFECTIVE when it comes to stomach and kidney problems. Andrographis kills diarrhea bacteria, but this plant still stops diarrhea. In a study of people with diarrhea, 82% of people were treated with Andrgraphis which they drank with a large amount of liquid. This information is very important because diarrhea is still a widespread disease that affects hundreds of thousands of people around the world.


HAMES PET PLUS has the ability to increase psychophysical endurance, affect brain activity and stimulate the secretion of adrenaline. It is used by students, athletes, employees, businessmen, more precisely all those who are exposed to a state of increased stress, work under pressure, have to meet deadlines, do not have well-coordinated periods of work and rest. It has been proven that HAMES 5 PLUS increases work ability 1.5-2 times in states of physical and mental exhaustion. It has the properties to improve blood circulation and stimulate the sex drive, so it is used to eliminate male impotence, and a better effect is achieved if used for a longer period.


One of the most harmful effects of free radicals is that they have a bad effect on the brain and cognitive pathways. The content and composition of HAMES 5 PLUS PRODUCTS is directly related to the increase in neural pathway activity and to the reduction of oxidative stress in the brain. This reduces the occurrence of Alzheimer’s, dementia and other cognitive disorders associated with aging.


As we age, oxidative stress affects the skin, which leads to the formation of wrinkles, age spots, the appearance of spots and scars. The antioxidants in plant extracts in the HAMES 5 PLUS product can prevent these phenomenon and tighten the skin, which can fool you for age. HAMES 5 PLUS prevents the creation of free radicals, as well as the “attack” on healthy cells in the body and blood plasma, thus slowing down the aging process of the body and preventing the development of chronic diseases.


The ingredients of plants in  HAMES 5 PLUS products are so full of vitamins and minerals that directly affect heart health. The product affects the dilation of blood vessels and relieves the cardiovascular system. Relaxation of blood vessels and arteries increases blood flow and blood pressure drops, thus reducing the chances of heart attack and stroke. Fiber and antioxidants are partners when it comes to lowering cholesterol and scavenging free radicals. HAMES 5 PLUS product prevents cramps in blood vessels and keeps blood pressure away from the “danger zone”, improves blood circulation, strengthens blood vessels and reduces the risk of heart disease Andrographis and reduces the formation of clots. This plant can also reduce the damage caused by a heart attack during a clot blockage and a reduced blood supply to the heart. This plant also reduces the level of blood clotting after anginoplasty and reduces heart muscle injuries. Andrographis has a very beneficial and healing effect on the heart.


Research has shown that the composition of HAMES 5 PLUS has a direct effect on influenza and bacterial infections, so consuming the product is an excellent preventive measure during the flu season and when you feel cold symptoms.


Plant fiber in HAMES 5 PLUS product affects  the regulation of elevated insulin, which helps maintain normal blood sugar levels.


HAMES 5 PLUS effectively removes symptoms such as frequent urination, discomfort when urinating and cloudy urine. The fruit of the plants from Hames 5 plus product cures these urinary tract infections, primarily caused by Escherichia coli,5-10 times better than other species, all because of the composition found in the plants.

It helps stop colds, stops the virus from multiplying, lowers body temperature, controls blood pressure, restores brain cells, relieves pain, soothes stomach problems, acts as a probiotic, helps with coughs and severe inflammation.


With the help of the product Hames 5 plus, in a short time your skin will become cleaner, more radiant and less likely to develop acne and inflammatory processes. The skin should be cared for on the outside but also on the inside. With Hames 5 plus cleanse your skin, rejuvenate it, give it new strength and a quality base for renewal and care, with the help of the ingredients that make up our product. The composition of the plants of the Hames 5 plus product is rich in antioxidants, it contains vitamins and minerals, which will provide your skin with a quality complexion, softness and a silky feeling. This composition strongly stimulates skin detoxification and encourages cell production and renewal. It can help alleviate wrinkles and problematic parts of the skin. Hames 5 plus is a powerful antioxidant responsible for helping with inflammatory processes, fungal diseases, and protecting cells from aging. Ingredients from the product Hames 5 plus deeply nourishes the skin and is responsible for quality hydration. It will reduce redness, skin irritation and ensure its freshness. It stimulates the creation of collagen and the renewal of damaged cells. Reduces the depth of wrinkles. It completely nourishes the skin from the inside and provides it with natural protection.