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Jacobe Rush Health company leaves nothing to chance. Before we created the Hames 5 product, we had spent a year analyzing the market and human anatomy,how it affects on structure combination of HAMES 5 PLUS. We have been studiously examining the human body again and again, until we came up with a solution which combination of plants will make a real revolution in our body! 50 scientists and doctors from all around Europe and the rest of the world have worked on this product. We hired highly professional experts, the most successful in their own areas of expertise! And here it is… That day has finally came! Revolution can start! You don’t have to buy 10 different products to solve your problems,now you can get it all in product Hames 5 plus! This is not a coincidence, this is not just someone’s idea to make something happen, these are evidences of the study proven by different biologists and scientists from Russia,India,Korea,China and even the counties from Scandinavian area! The famous biologist Doctor Michael Tierra was specially interested in these plants. He spent 10 years studying about them. After these studies he came up with astonishing analyzes and results. Michael is famous for founding ”American herbalists Guild” organisation in 1989,with the aim of establishing standards for professional practice of clinical herbal medicine in  United States!

As in the whole universe, so on the planet Earth, everything has its harmony and peace and everything works under its ideal and healthy frequency of harmony, progress and healing. A tree does not need a special condition to grow into a beautiful canopy, birds do not need special conditions to fly, plants do not need a special condition to mature into and grow into a perfect flower, everything reacts to that wonderful harmony of our planet Earth and universe, with a special positive frequencies inherent in them. Due to the great pressure and stress that we live in today, that peace and order is disturbed, we can not relax during the day due to various problems brought by jobs and stressful situations. Biologists who have worked on these plants have proven that by consuming plants from the product Hames 5 plus, the body experiences regeneration and harmony within 15 days, the healing of cells in the body raises the vibration of the body, and then comes to that perfect harmony and lifting vibrations at high levels that are necessary for the regeneration of the whole organism and the general condition!

What does Hames 5 plus affect?

Boosts immunity strongly, recovers energy rapidly, increases frequency and vibration of the body, kills viruses and bacterias, regenerate the body, detoxes the body, lowers the body temperature, relieves the pain, acts as a probiotic, acts as an antibiotic, regenerates muscles, solves the insomnia, acts like anti stress, rejuvenates skin, hair and nails, cleans blood vessels, regulates blood pressure, acts as a good metabolism starter, strengthens joints and bones, strengthens heart muscles, regulates elevated blood sugar, regenerates body muscles, increases concentration and restores brain cells, cleans the intestines of harmful substances, regenerates the kidneys and liver, promotes healing in 12 different types of cancer, heals skin diseases, hemorrhoids, stops further multiplication of viruses and bacteria. Besides the fact that we independently conducted all the studies on 100 respondants who had some of these problems, you can see for yourself all of the above by researching the plants on Google, you will find many studies, analyzes and impressions regarding the power of these plants and their purpose.

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