HAMES 5 PLUS GOLDEN LINE is made with the purpose and goal to dominate the global market according to European standards that will be easily applied and registered in your country. If you feel that our product can experience explosive sales and expansion in your country feel free to send a distribution inquiry  and our expert team will respond in a short time, and start and consider a conceptual plan for cooperation for your area and market. There is no restriction in production and distribution, we can satisfy any market whether it is a few hundred thousand inhabitants or a country with a population of millions. Jacobe Rush health company, with its highly professional people, state-of-the-art laboratory and state-of-the-art production machines, will meet the standards of each country, and the team of 50 people working on the HAMES 5 PLUS project will find a conceptual and practical solution for your country.

If we start a cooperation, in addition to the finished product, Jacobe Rush health also offers professional assistance in the field of marketing, market analysis, assistance in creating a website and online sales, assistance in legal matters, assistance in presenting sales in wholesales and retails, consulting, presentations and training of your team all the way to a strategic plan for effective market penetration. From our side, if that is your wish, you will get a turnkey business.

We want to emphasize that the potential of Hames 5 plus products for fast and explosive development is very suitable, if we compare that on the market, products with which you solve only one or two problems cost on average from 20 to 30 euros. By purchasing the HAMES 5 PLUS product, you have satisfied consumers for the needs of the general public, because our goal is to meet the needs and maintain the general state of health of both young people and middle-aged people all the way to the elderly population. With a detailed analysis, they will understand that we meet the needs of the general public, and customers from the age of 18 until the final age, both for men and women.