Jacobe Rush Health company leaves nothing to chance. Before we created the Hames 5 product, we had spent a year analyzing the market and human anatomy,how it affects on structure combination of HAMES 5 +.

We have been studiously examining the human body again and again, until we came up with a solution which combination of plants will make a real revolution in our body!


50 scientists and doctors from all over Europe and the world worked on this product, we hired
the most professional people, the most successful in their fields!

A revolution can begin. You no longer have to buy ten products to solve your problems. Now you can get it all in the HAMES 5+ product!
This is not a coincidence, this is not someone’s idea for it to just happen, these are the results of studies obtained by various biologists and scientists from Russia, India, Korea and China, and even from the Scandinavian countries!